Sascha F

"I’m stronger and fitter mentally and more confident with myself outside of the gym"

Drew’s been programming for me for almost 2 years now. I approached him in the beginning as I realised I needed help to build foundational strength and mobility, which I was missing coming from a running background. There were no competition goals. It was purely to help me move better and safer, so I could enjoy that hour of the day more when I was in the gym.
Back then, it was only three additional 1 hour sessions a week, on top of WODs. Over the last 6 months, we’ve taken a step back from WODs and increased my personal programming to 5+days a week. Building strength continues to be a focus, with the addition of honing in on specific movement practice, weaknesses and re-introducing engine capacity, as we now have competition goals.
It can be really tough to show up every day knowing you have to face a movement you aren’t well practiced in.
Drew gets this and every now and then will throw me a bone, with some running or a metcon to remind me that it’s all coming together nicely.
What I’ve loved about this journey is learning new skills and seeing what my body is capable of. I have seen huge strength gains (and they are still going) which is what I originally set out to achieve – and to be honest, didn’t think that what we’ve achieved would be possible, with my age and my chicken legs.
But the biggest value for me are the things that I didn’t realise I was lacking or needed, until Drew highlighted or influenced it in my training. I’m talking about my resilience, my confidence and my ability to adapt. Drew has helped me to not just become a strong, fit person that can do cool things inside the gym and hit huge goals, but I’m stronger and fitter mentally and more confident with myself outside of the gym, which has been the biggest benefit of all.

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