Matt B

"It's the learning and the interaction with my coach that I like the most."

I started doing programming because I was having trouble getting my body into the right position when squatting. I was very aware of the problem, but I knew that awareness wasn’t going to be enough to fix it.
The reasons why I continue to get programming from Hannah are different.
I continued programming because I got to really enjoy the interaction and understanding I got with having a coach. Cues in class have always been helpful, but there is a big difference between “Try to focus more on this with your next rep” and “The reason why you’re not getting results with this movement is because this isn’t happening and we can fix that with this plan that addresses the problem for this specific reason”.
When I had a plan, I began to notice the movements feeling different and I began to understand how that difference translated to more strength and efficiency.
I’ve always thought CrossFit coaches were just people who are really good at CrossFit. Through programming, I’ve learnt that coaches have become really good at CrossFit by becoming experts in training their body to move through different positions. It was that expertise and learning that I really wanted to continue to get better at. To me that’s what makes CrossFit so much more fun than just lifting weights at the gym down the road or going to a group fitness class. You’re always learning more about the skill of how to move your body more efficiently.
Programming is like that feeling you have when you’ve been doing something for a while and you think to yourself, “Geez, if only I had known what I know now when I first started. I would have improved so much more quickly.”
Since starting programming, that is exactly what’s happened. I’ve improved much faster. The new PRs and gains aren’t my favourite thing about it though. That stuff is great, but it’s the learning and the interaction with my coach that I like the most.

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