Mel S

"Thanks to you Hannah, I am a fitter and stronger version of me."

I started working with Hannah shortly after I returned from my holiday in Greece in June 2019.  My focus was building strength, improving my technique and gymnastics skills.

At the time, I was cleaning 45kg and was not progressing because my technique was poor and I was doing too much cardio (running) and not enough strength work. With Hannah’s programming, starting PT once a week and conversations about reducing my running and adjusting my diet, I started to see improvements.

Very quickly my clean jumped to 47.5kg, then 50kg and before the gym closed down due to Covid, I hit 52.5kg.

Hannah’s programming and PT sessions showed me how to focus on my technique, building strength and rehab a long standing shoulder niggle.

While Roar was closed during Covid, I was able to continue my programming from Hannah at my own gym and keep progressing. Due to all Hannah’s instructions and being the voice in my head, I cleaned 55kg in my second week back at Roar. It wasn’t my prettiest clean, but I’m sure Hannah will help me fix that and reach new goals.

Thanks to you Hannah, I am a fitter and stronger version of me.

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