Joe H

"I never thought I would have this much fun working on movements I was lacking in"

I first partnered with Drew in January 2019. I had been a member of Roar for several months prior and I really took to his coaching style and commitment to the sport.

I have since done all my training remotely and I keep in regular contact with Drew, who is always supportive of my needs and goals. The programming I receive is 5+ days a week, with a great deal of variety and flexibility.

From the beginning, Drew and I worked a great deal on my weaknesses, whilst also refining my strengths. I never thought I would have this much fun working on movements I was lacking in.

I saw massive improvements straight away. I felt healthier, stronger, fitter, more confidant and happier overall. My bar muscle-ups have been my biggest improvement, going from 3 to 15 with a lot of advice and coaching tips from Drew. I also increased my snatch by 25kgs and overhead squat by 30kgs. I competed in my first Crossfit Open and exceeded all of my expectations, placing in the top 300 in Australia. Not only that, I noticed huge improvements on all CrossFit benchmark workouts, as well as my mindset before, during and after workouts.

What I enjoy the most about working with Drew and his programming is the week to week variety – it’s not the same boring thing every week. He is always coming up with new workouts and training is specific, depending on what training cycle I am in at the time. The programming is tailored personally to my needs and goals, and he is always keeping in touch and giving coaching tips, advice and praise on all my workouts.

Working with Drew has been a massive part of my life. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone that requires programming and coaching personalised to their every need.

Words I have learnt from him and live by are “Trust the Process”. I will continue to adhere to this for the rest of my CrossFit career.

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