Jackie W

"Joy and kindness, with a fitter more agile body."

Jackie W

I joined CF Roar in November 2016. Nothing to lose, other than my dignity. I was a little nervous about not fitting in and feeling inadequate. I did my introduction, but didn’t really know what I was doing when it came to lifting weights.

At each class the coach would carefully explain the workout and demonstrate what and what not to do. My feeling of being overwhelmed was thwarted when a coach came over and scaled the workout to suit my lack of experience and confidence, and some old injuries. This level of attention by the coaches didn’t disappear after a couple of months. It continued with personal encouragement and enough gentle pushing for me to start seeing progress.

Some days it feels like the coaches knows me better than I know my own ability. This sense of encouragement is something that seems to be intrinsic within the people at CF Roar. There’s no judgement in the room. Normal people living their best selves. So when effort, little by little, converted into my first pistol, or toes to bar, or a handstand push up (scaled) or a pb lift, it surprised me! Along with the surprise, came the encouragement from the other members of CF Roar.

What more could you ask for? Joy and kindness with a fitter more agile body.

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