Hannah K

"He refuses to let me make excuses for being anything but the best I can be"

I started working with Drew in 2017 (almost 3 years ago). When we met, I was doing class programming and extra work on my own to try and develop my weaknesses and just “get better” at CrossFit. I knew how to do the movements (because I coach our Crew members every day), but I needed help to see and address the issues in my own movement patterns that I wasn’t aware of and someone to take the stress out of the “how” by programming a structured plan and process for me to follow.
Once I had that, I felt more motivated and my strength, fitness and skills improved exponentially. My CrossFit Games Opens rankings followed suit:
  • February 2017 (prior to working with Drew): 412 in Australia and 7118 Worldwide
  • February 2018: 192 in Australia and 3504 Worldwide
  • February 2019: 46 in Australia and 813 Worldwide
  • October 2019 (2020): 38 in Australia and 670 Worldwide
In 2019 (after 2 years of working with Drew), I qualified for my first Sanctionals competition (Down Under Championship 2019) and I have my third Sanctionals event coming up in May 2021.
I didn’t set out to compete. Getting better and chasing goals made me feel good. So I wanted to and kept doing that, and then just embraced the opportunities that came from it. I have worked very hard to get to where I am, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without a lot of hard work, passion, honesty and support from Drew.
He believes in my goals and will go above and beyond to help me chase them. He supports me through and picks me back up (mentally) after set-backs, and unequivocally refuses to let me make excuses for being anything but the best I can be.
It’s a team effort and we have done it together.

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