Liam G

"I’m doing things I never dreamed I could possibly do"

Liam G

Before joining Roar, I was plodding along at a 24 hour gym with little direction or motivation. I came across CrossFit on Youtube and contacted Roar for an intro session and have never looked back. That was over 2 years ago and in that time, I’ve become the strongest and fittest I have ever been and I’m doing things I never dreamed I could possibly do.

Roar has become a great part of my life and some of my best mates are now the members and coaches at Roar. My wife (who also goes to Roar) and I have recently had a baby boy and the coaches at Roar have personally gone out of their way to help us maintain our regular routine. When announcing the pregnancy Hannah told me I’m going to be “a bad ass dad” and it has kept me motivated ever since!

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