Athlete of the Month

January 2023

Linda Rs success story

Linda R

Linda joined us in October 2021 and works with Coach Hannah remotely from Perth. When Linda joined us, her primary goal was weight loss and she had secondary goals of improving strength and fitness. Very soon, Linda started to enjoy and could see th...

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December 2022

Rhyss success story


Rhys joined us in March this year. He works as a GP by day and usually trains with us in the afternoon. Rhys was new to a lot of the movements that we do in the gym when he started and it's been great to see his confidence and skill level grow over thi...

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November 2022

Leilani and Dions success story

Leilani and Dion

Leilani and Dion train in our small group training classes. Lei joined us over a year ago and Dion joined us in April this year. They welcomed their beautiful daughter, Rovi, to their family in May this year. We were proud to support this family thr...

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October 2022

Cecilia Gs success story

Cecilia G

Cecilia joined us just over 3 months ago. She came to us with the goal of moving and training pain free. Over the last 3 months, Cecilia's attitude and commitment to her health has continued to impress the coaches and she is thriving. You will find ...

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September 2022

Brent Ss success story

Brent S

Brent has been training with us for over a year. Brent is a shift worker in health care, so you will find him in the gym at different session times throughout the week. And he is often accompanied by his dog, Avocado. Brent is an important and value...

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August 2022

Shannon Vs success story

Shannon V

Shannon has been training with us for over 2 years. He unfortunately suffered a back injury at the end of 2020 and thought he would have to give up CrossFit. He worked hard to rehab his injury and came back even stronger: completing his first Rx CrossF...

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November 2020

Caitlin Cs success story

Caitlin C

Caitlin was a member of ours several years ago and did the brave thing of re-joining us when we re-opened after Covid. Coming back into a new environment, with different coaches, members and atmosphere, was a brave step for Caitlin and we have seen her go...

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October 2020

Chris Ns success story

Chris N

Chris joined us in June this year and usually trains with us in the morning. He was quite new to CrossFit when he joined us and it has been a pleasure watching his progress over the last few months. Chris always comes into the gym with a positive attit...

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September 2020

Sara Ds success story

Sara D

Sara has been with us for just over two years now and is one of our annual members. She is very humble and a quiet achiever - she comes in, gets the work done and doesn't like to draw attention to herself. That said, she's always up for a chat and a go...

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August 2020

Anita Ms success story

Anita M

Anita has been with us for almost 3 years. She is a familiar face in the gym and famously enjoys all of the "gross" workouts - grunt work is definitely her forte. Anita has been tackling some ongoing injuries and niggles over the last year or so and as...

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July 2020

Kent Ts success story

Kent T

Kent has been with us for over 5 years and is a very familiar face in the gym. Kent trained with us regularly in the morning for many years and then ran into some difficulties maintaining his exercise routine after establishing his own business more re...

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June 2020

Paddys success story


Paddy has been part of our Crew for over five years and is a very familiar face in the gym. She works hard on her training and recently, she has had the opportunity to develop her mindset and approach to setbacks after sustaining quite a significant in...

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May 2020

Bec Ws success story

Bec W

Bec has been with us for almost 4 years now and is usually part of our mid-morning Crew in the gym. She is studying and also works as a gymnastics coach. Bec is known for being the most flexy member of our Crew. As well as that, she works hard and cons...

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April 2020

Carolyne and Deans success story

Carolyne and Dean

Carolyne and Dean have been training with us for almost 2 years and are usually part of our evening Crew. They have always been dedicated to their training inside the gym and we've enjoyed watching them develop and learn new skills during their time wi...

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March 2020

Jess Gorkas success story

Jess Gorka

Jess is our youngest member, at just 14 years old. Her dedication and commitment to hard work and consistent training is unrivalled and as a result, we have seen her go from strength to strength during her time with us. Jess is giving us all a run f...

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February 2020

Phil Barbers success story

Phil Barber

Phil has been part of our Crew for one year (though he has been CrossFitting for a few) and trains with us in the mornings. When he isn't here, he is husband and dad to his lovely wife and two daughters, and works as a Project Manager. Phil is 52 ye...

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January 2020

Jed Daugaliss success story

Jed Daugalis

Jed completed our Introduction Course in November last year and has been part of our Crew for two months now. He works as a nurse and enjoys endurance training, especially running. We have been very impressed with his consistency in attendance, good mo...

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December 2019

Amy Nichollss success story

Amy Nicholls

Amy joined us 3 years ago, when she moved to Brisbane from Rockhampton. She is studying Dietetics and is usually part of our evening Crew. Amy has come a long way in her training during her time with us - improving her gymnastics, lifting and fitness o...

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