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Ashan Kulatunga
Ashan Kulatunga
I been to a few CrossFit boxes and plenty of regular gyms in and outside of Australia and I can confidently say that the training philosophy, level of service, organisation and attention to detail is by far the best I have experienced. The bench marking testing at the start of your journey and the constant tracking at each session is very effective. The coaches and the other members are super welcoming and friendly. The trainers really put in the time to get know you from a fitness perspective but also personally. Roar really makes fitness wholistic and enjoyable.
Dion Ferris
Dion Ferris
Great environment to workout in and really supportive and professional coaches! Enjoyed my time there which ended up being a bit under a year! Would recommend to anyone looking at getting fitter and healthier.
Lara Dawson
Lara Dawson
Hannah has definitely met my brief of creating a personalised workout plan for me to assist me to meet my individual goals. All injuries, restrictions, available equipment and likes and dislikes have been taken into account. Each workout is different, each week I get 3 three workouts and each week I continue to progress with Hannah's feedback and guidance. And I can do all this from home via their off site PT offering. The best "personal" training I've ever done. Thanks Hannah!
Caitlin Lynch
Caitlin Lynch
Friendly and supportive team. Well equipped gym. Great individualised programming with fun workouts
emma Cleary
emma Cleary
I have been going to Roar for personal training for the past few months. Drew is really knowledgeable and encouraging, he has helped me to build strength while working around injuries. It's a great gym and the trainers are all lovely and dedicated!
Melinda Webb
Melinda Webb
It’s been a long time since I’ve found a PT as experienced and dedicated as Hannah. Her holistic approach to my wellbeing is refreshing and shows how much she genuinely cares about her clients. Her methods keeps me on track, accountable and have me actually enjoying my training. Her consideration for quality over quantity sets her apart and ensures every movement is done properly, meaning you get the full benefit of each workout. I can’t recommend Hannah and the team at Roar enough, I’m so glad to have found my new fitness home :)
laura smith
laura smith
Hannah at roar is amazing! I have been doing the individualised programming since having my baby girl. Hannah knows her stuff and I have been seeing major improvements in my training and strength ever since starting. Would highly recommend Hannah to anyone on their post partum journey :)
Hayden Richardson
Hayden Richardson
Not only did Roar encourage me to come back to the gym, they tailored my training to manage my injuries and work/life balance.
Rob Leonard
Rob Leonard
I recently moved into the area and was nervous about whether my fitness would take a hit because I wasn’t familiar with any local gyms. I needn’t have worried. Roar is an awesome team with great programming. If you want to improve your physiological capacity in a supportive, tailored, high service environment, this is the place to be.
Highly recommend, the team at roar is second to none.

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Expert personal training

Reach your goals faster

Our coaches are experts in custom programming, corrective exercise and addressing musculoskeletal pain.

Improve strength and fitness, master new skills and get out of pain faster by working 1:1 with one of our coaches.

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Small group training

Small group training suited to you and your goals

Exercise with friends whilst following a program customised for you and your goals.

Receive more coach attention and have peace of mind in a small group.

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Personalised programming

Work with our coaches from anywhere in the World

Access the expert knowledge of our coaches in custom programming, corrective exercise and addressing musculoskeletal pain from anywhere in the world.

Receive a customised gym or home training program and connect with your coach online.

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Nutrition coaching

Find food freedom

Improve your energy, performance and body composition by learning and implementing nutrition habits and practices that actually work.

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